Hi, my name is Shuping He. I came from China, Szechwan province, the hometown of the giant panda.  I worked there for a pulp and paper company for 4 years as a chemical engineer after I obtained my bachelor degree in Engineering from a university in China. In the late 90’s I came to the US to join my husband, and we currently live in Saline with our two wonderful daughters. I was a full time mom for several years when my girls were little, I loved to volunteer at my daughters’ elementary schools. I really enjoyed spending time with kids, so I was so happy when I had the opportunity to work at CCLC. Since starting to work here in 2007, I have gained lots of experience in early childhood education and have had so much fun watching our little friends playing and growing.  I truly appreciate all the help from my co-workers and the support from parents. I also want to say thank you to all the lovely kids, they make me smile and laugh every day.