Parent Testimony: Ford Family

Thank you for being our son’s first teacher! From day one, we immediately felt comfortable bringing him to your classroom. My son and I stayed home together for 14 months after he was born. Mostly due to the pandemic and us moving to Michigan. I knew it would be hard on me for him to have a little life outside our home, but it brings me so much joy dropping him off and seeing him so excited to be in the classroom. He loves getting in the car and sings “nina, nina” (Tina) the whole way to school! I love that he gets to experience and learn new things with new people.

I worked in a school for 13 years as a social worker. I share that because I know how hard teachers work. I know the days are long and not always easy. My husband and I appreciate all the energy, dedication, love and care the staff at CCLC show our son.

Every day we see how much he is learning and growing. Thank you for helping us raise a happy, healthy and kind little guy!

Parent Testimony: Paige Family

It often seems that those who have the greatest responsibility are recognized the least for their hard work and we wanted to take this opportunity to share our immense appreciation for you all. Breakfast and flowers does not seem enough, we wish we could do so much more, but hopefully this small gesture will help convey our gratitude.

We are so appreciative of your care and commitment to our girls these past few years. It is a great relief as a working parent to know that your children are safe, supported, and nurtured when you are not able to be with them. Hazel and Violet have both been with CCLC since they were six weeks old, and it has been such an easy experience for us because of you-the wonderful staff. It is a bittersweet feeling to be moving on, but we feel so lucky we found CCLC and have had such wonderful teachers as part of our children’s lives.

Thank you for your dedication and care these past 7+ years.

Parent Testimony: Martin Family

My 6 month old daughter was starting daycare at CCLC, and I was returning to work. For 4 months, my husband and I had been trying to get her to take a bottle without success. She’d go on a hunger strike whenever I was away. I was dreading returning to work, worried she would cry all day. To our great relief and surprise, her caregiver was able to give our daughter a bottle! Her caring way with my daughter meant no tears for her or for me! We are very thankful.

Parent Testimony: Muth Family

The Children’s Creative Learning Center staff is an extension of our family. We love knowing our children are cared for with uncompromised safety, love and respect. Almost daily, the staff amazes us. Whether it’s anticipating a need, sharing knowledge or taking immediate action on the tiniest comment we’ve made in passing-staff members take every part of their job seriously. It’s very clear that management is well organized and facilitates open channels of communication with staff members. Most importantly, every single staff member appears to love what they do and the children they care for. We are grateful. I never write reviews but felt compelled because I truly don’t know what we would do without CCLC. My husband and I are not new to daycare. Trust me when I say, no other childcare facility in Washtenaw County is on par with CCLC.

Parent Testimony: Harrigan Family

We have been at CCLC for over 3 years and love it there. The staff is caring and friendly and the communication is great. We love the field trips they offer and the parent/teacher conferences.

Parent Testimony: Claus Family

At first, we were nervous about making the transition to a larger daycare. However, now we couldn’t imagine not being a part of CCLC. Our son loves going to CCLC and being with the daycare moms; you are all so caring and loving. His smiles and giggles are enough for us to know that we made the right choice. Thank you CCLC!

Parent Testimony: Desouky/Yokoi Family

Very nice teachers, education programs, activities and environment. I am glad and satisfied to send my daughter here. I visited many schools before sending my daughter here and at the time I thought this is school is the best among them. Now, I am sure it is the best.

Best place for my child! Very nice atmosphere to raise my child. The teachers are very kind and they treat my child as their own child. There are lots of fun activities with lots of love.

Parent Testimony: Atkinson Family

My children were very well cared for and learned a lot during their time at CCLC. It was great to have reliable, loving care for my children with people I could trust. My youngest just started Kindergarten, and she is thriving with the great start she got during her 4 years at CCLC, which included age 1 on up. We loved the Butterfly room when she was 1, the teachers genuinely loved my children and they were well cared for each day. We also had a good experience with preschool. The Young 5’s program was excellent. It was a lot of fun for her, and she is more than ready for Kindergarten. She was able to write all her letters, count up to 40 consistently, and learn some sight words, all while getting to spend lots of time outside playing as well.

As a mom, some of my favorite logistical offerings at CCLC were also: ability to order hot lunch through Saline Area Schools, pizza Wednesdays, the taekwondo offering where they took my child to and from, monthly parent’s night out, and the giant playground for the kids to play. Thanks CCLC!

Parent Testimony: Miller Family

When we moved to the area we reached out to the community for childcare recommendations. CCLC came highly recommended. We have been at CCLC for almost 1.5 years and have been happy. They have a solid educational program and provide great care for my kids! The teachers and office staff are approachable, understanding, attentive and genuinely care about the kids and their development. We appreciate yo